Album: Heroes

6 November 2012

An homage to the two celebrated musicians who indelibly shaped the realm of keyboard virtuosity in the 20th century, this recording stands as a sincere tribute to the final era of pianist-composers. Featuring Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition," brilliantly reimagined by Vladimir Horowitz, and the exquisite piano masterworks of Sergei Rachmaninoff, including the "Sonata No. 2" and the "Moments Musicaux," this album presents a collection of compositions that epitomize the pinnacle of keyboard romanticism.

Rachmaninoff and Horowitz both embarked on their respective journeys, leaving their Russian homeland to embrace a new life in the United States, yet never relinquishing the essence of their Russian heritage. Rachmaninoff, a perpetually wandering romantic, and Horowitz, an enchanting communicator both on and off the stage, ascended to a hallowed status, serving as icons and heroes for generations of pianists who followed in their illustrious footsteps.

This album offers a subtle and introspective resonance, akin to an eloquent monologue, thereby inviting listeners to engage intimately with the profound emotions and life experiences that these composers have woven into their compositions. Furthermore, it stands as a poignant testament to Jonghwa Park's unwavering dedication to the art of piano, meticulously crafting the sound and expressions to carry forward the legacy of these esteemed musical luminaries.