Album: Nunaya

18 August 2015

Jonghwa Park, an embodiment of the Romantic Musical Nomad, has charted his life's course in harmony with music and the piano. 'NUNAYA: 누나야' inaugurates the premier chapter of a series, the 'Soundtrack of Your Life'.

Despite his profound devotion to the world of classical music, Jonghwa sensed an artistic summons to reconnect with the very roots that had nurtured his musical spirit. As an enigmatic figure in his own homeland, having spent an extensive part of his life abroad, he embarked on a sojourn to rekindle the echoes of his earliest auditory memories. Along this path, he unearthed the cherished Korean children's songs, once sung to him by his grandmother. 'NUNAYA' now breathes new life into these melodies, elegantly reimagined as captivating piano compositions that reverberate with the cadence of his musical upbringing.

With this heartwarming anthology, Jonghwa endeavors to recapture his musical essence and, in the process, to eloquently convey the collective tales and chronicles of our generation. The album embraces 11 timeless children's songs, including classics such as '고향의 봄' (Spring in My Hometown), '산토끼' (Mountain Rabbit), '엄마야 누나야' (By the River), '꽃밭에서' (In the Flower Garden), and '과수원 길' (Orchard Road) from the early 1900s, alongside iconic Korean folk songs '아리랑' (Arirang) and '새야 새야' (Fly, Blue Bird), all reimagined into enchanting solo piano masterpieces.