Project tHinG

25 august 2023

Project tHinG started with the Seoul Arts Center Summer Music Festival on August 23, 2023, and completed successful stages at the Daejeon Arts Center International Music Festival on the 24th, and the Gwangju ACC World Music Festival on the 25th. tHinG is a project that means combining piano and geomungo to create The Everything, The Impossible is Nothing, and something new. It is also an abbreviation for the Harmony in Gaon, which means ‘center’ and also implies the meaning of music that is the center of current topics or trends. 

Jong-Hwa Park and Yun-Jeong Heo, who have explored the world of various sounds across tradition and modernity for over 40 years, brought the idea of creating a performance that breathes with the world together with artists from various backgrounds.

The two musicians embodied the idea after playing D. Womack • Tiger Burning Bright together. 

This season, he collaborated with Gabriel Prokofiev, grandson of Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev (1891–1953), known for songs such as the ballet "Romeo and Juliet" and the orchestral "Peter and Wolves"

Gabriel Prokofiev told the newspaper, "My musical theme is to communicate classical music in a way that allows us to communicate and communicate with the younger generation, such as hip-hop, electronic music, and clubs." Later in the show, his new works were introduced as a trio of geomungo, piano and electronic music.

Project tHinG said: “We will not stop at just one-time events, but will continue to perform and record in various forms in the future.”