Jonghwa Park

Jonghwa Park


Project tHinG started with the Seoul Arts Center Summer Music Festival on August 23, 2023, and completed successful stages at the Daejeon Arts Center International Music Festival on the 24th, and the Gwangju ACC World Music Festival on the 25th. tHinG is a project that means combining piano and geomungo to create The Everything, The Impossible is Nothing, and something new. It is also an abbreviation for the Harmony in Gaon, which means ‘center’ and also implies the meaning of music that is the center of current topics or trends. more 



25th Aug 2023, 19:00

Project tHinG

Gwangju Asia Culture Center, World Stage, South Korea 

(ACC World Music Festival)

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24th Aug 2023, 19:30

Project tHinG

Daejeon Arts Center, Ensemble Hall, South Korea

(Daejeon International Music Festival)

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23th Aug 2023, 19:30

Project tHinG 

Seoul Arts Center, IBK Chamber Hall, South Korea

(SAC Summer Music Festival)
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Park Jong-hwa is a pianist, professor, and artist with insight into life.

The Busan-born pianist, Jong-hwa Park has made a profound impact with his remarkable combination of highest level musicianship and visionary programmes. He has been contemplating the connection between classical music and modern society through programming.

He conceives and participates in projects that explore the link between art and society beyond the walls of the concert hall. Inspired by this, the project tHinG was created by pianist Park Jong-hwa, geomungo Heo Yoon-jeong, and British composer and electronic musician Gabriel Prokofiev (grandson of Sergei Prokofiev, a representative modern composer of the 20th century), who presented a new direction for classical music and explored the borders and genres with music.

In 2012, the first album 'HEROES' was released under Sony records and in 2015, the second album 'NUNAYA', which reinterpreted various familiar Korean children's songs such as 'Spring in Hometown', ‘Lullaby' into piano songs, was released by Universal records that opens new horizons for the Korean classical music scene.

He was appointed as a professor at Seoul National University's College of Music in 2007 and has recently continued to participate in issues related to human communication as a convergence knowledge base composition and artificial intelligence project in Academia to cope with the changes and evolution of classical music.


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